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The Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity

The Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity is an Indigenous-led lifelong, collaborative fellowship program and platform for systemic change. It harnesses timeless Indigenous knowledge, ingenuity, and creativity to bring a unique approach to transformative change. The program provides a place to strengthen and develop Indigenous social change capability through collaboration and fellowship. It connects individual leaders to create a powerful network of Fellows immersed in Indigenous knowledge (grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing, doing and being) and theoretical and skills development for social change leadership.

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Based at The University of Melbourne

Social Equity
Meet some of our Fellows

They come from a broad range of creative, professional, advocacy and educational backgrounds.

Jody Barney

Aboriginal Disability Training

Leading consultant, Deaf Indigenous Community Consultancy

Marcus Akuhata-Brown

Pou Whakatere, Deputy Secretary M?ori, Ministry of Justice, New Zealand Government

Tukaha Global Consultancy Ltd

Durkhanai Ayubi

Writer and restaurateur

Based at
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Social Equity

Applications last closed on 3rd August 2023 and there is not a current application window open

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