Racial Equity

The Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity

The Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity supports accomplished leaders from diverse backgrounds to uncover and address the root causes of racial inequality and engage in strategic, long-term collaborative efforts for transformative social change. Through leadership development, community building, design labs and narrative change, we support the personal development and capacity of these leaders, and catalyse broader social change activity, based on a view that both are required to achieve racial equity.

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South Africa 2nd
South Africa
South Africa 2nd
South Africa
United States 3rd
United States
United States 3rd
United States
About the Program

Based at Columbia University in New York and The Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa

Racial Equity
Meet some of our Fellows

A unique cohort of highly networked interprofessional leaders that are experts in tackling Racial equity.

Alberto Retana

Community Coalition

President and CEO

Richard Wallace

Founder and Executive Director

Equity And Transformation (EAT)

Bongiwe Lusizi

Founding Director

Creative Academy

Based at
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