Becoming a Fellow

Are you at an inflection point in your career with a passionate commitment to the pursuit of equity? If so, you might be interested in joining one of the seven Atlantic equity-focussed programs around the world.

Atlantic Fellows are leaders, willing and able to navigate and learn from diverse perspectives and complexity on a local and global scale.

They are committed to working with and supporting others to achieve individual and collective impact.

Interested in
becoming a Fellow?

Each program has their own individual application process and requirements. If you are interested in becoming a Fellow please contact the program that you are interested in.

Agents of Change

Our Fellows come from all walks of life and are in proximity to the world’s most pressing inequities. They are not just passive recipients or beneficiaries of change but rather the agents of change in the communities that they serve. Together, the Fellows accelerate the eradication of inequity and injustice, resulting in fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies.

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