Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in South East Asia

This elegant piece is about pride in national dress, it is heartfelt and genuine, a true treat for the eyes.

the xr experience

View in AR
View in AR
We invite you to follow the instructions on how to use your phone to experience the Augmented Artifact for yourself. Instructions for pop out (once you click on experience in AR) same as listed above for the previous page.

What is XR?

Extended Reality (XR) stands for all real-and-virtual combined environments, including VR, AR and anything in between!  We believe the future landscape of social justice will be shaped by XR, just as those fighting for equity throughout history have harnessed the power of traditional technologies to uplift communities and ideas, we believe the fight for equity will be strengthened, fought and celebrated using emerging technologies. The combined catastrophes of the climate emergency and COVID-19 have compelled Atlantic Fellows to place a strategic focus on XR. As our community grows, we have a responsibility to create and explore innovative ways to be meaningfully together when we are physically apart and offer Fellows the infrastructure to use XR technologies to strengthen their equity work.




Listen to this podcast series on 'Being Human when Digital'.

Alice Wroe talks about how this series, Being Human When Digital, was born out of the Atlantic community's exploration of the use of augmented and virtual realities and the ethical issues they raise. As Augmented and Virtual Realities Lead at the Atlantic Institute, Alice works to demonstrate how emerging technologies can strengthen the Atlantic community's collective work in addressing root causes of systemic inequities and how this global community can work together, while physically apart to become a force for social good.

Experience the XR

Open the camera application on your phone and hold it up to the QR code on the screen. Tap to open the link at the top of the page. When prompted, press the ‘allow’ button to authorize access to your phone’s motion sensors, camera, and audio. When prompted, point your device towards a flat surface. When you see “Tap to Place”, aim your device directly onto the surface and tap a location to place. Tap the blue circle to start the virtual experience.