Who cares? Ai-Jen Poo on building collective care solutions

Why, when care work is so important to us all, do we care so little for those who care for us?

Video: Ai-jen Poo and Beverly Skeggs discuss how to ensure those who care for our loved ones have dignity and fairness in the workplace.

In an Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity public event at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), acclaimed US labour organizer Ai-jen Poo joined Professor Beverley Skeggs to discuss today’s landscape of low-status, badly paid jobs; “care deserts” and “care sandwiches”; scarce, low-quality and largely for-profit provision; a gendered, classed and racialized framing of the work and workers; and a lack of policies and political will adequate to the challenge – and to outline strategies for a fairer, more effective care economy of the future.

Whatever “the future of work” looks like, Ai-jen Poo told an LSE audience in an Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity-hosted event, “we are going to need human beings providing care for our loved ones. We also want those human beings to be able to take care of their own families.”

“We have the opportunity of generations to rethink a key part of our society that can unlock so much potential and growth.”

- Ai-jen Poo, National Domestic Workers Alliance


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