Seeking thought leaders for three new residencies

Are you committed to advancing equity? If you have a background in policy or social change, or an understanding of collective leadership, we would love to hear from you. We are advertising three residencies aimed at applicants who have experience at professorial, executive or board level.

Our vision is to accelerate the eradication of inequities for fairer, healthier and more inclusive societies. There are now more than 550 Atlantic Fellows from seven programs across the world harnessing their diverse skills and perspectives to work for transformative change. The Atlantic Institute provides Atlantic Fellows and staff with the networks, architecture and resources to connect, learn and act to address the underlying systemic causes of inequity – locally and globally.

Each year, we will identify up to three Leaders in Residence to spend up to six months with the Institute to carry out work that supports the strategy of the organization and provide thought leadership, both to the Atlantic Fellows community and a wider network.

Applications are now open for three Leaders in Residence positions to provide thought leadership and direction in the following areas:


Leadership is a key component of the Atlantic Fellows programs and the recruitment of new Fellows is focused on finding emerging leaders. The Atlantic Institute will offer the successful candidate a chance to explore the collective work of leadership in the context of the perspectives and praxis of our Fellows and program staff. Their findings will help shape our offerings to the community, and our approaches to change, as well as our work in influencing other organizations and offering models and thought leadership to others.

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Policy and policy change

We believe that inequality and inequity are a result of human failure — they are neither ubiquitous nor inevitable. We believe that inequity is a policy choice, so it is critical that changes in policy at multiple levels are designed with the eradication of inequities in mind. However, “policy change” is a broad term and factors contributing to policy change as well as the typically long-term nature of that change renders it difficult to track and monitor. To shape our offerings and provide greater clarity for our strategy for change, the Atlantic Institute seeks a Leader in Residence to support our theoretical understandings and strategic positioning in relation to policy change.

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Critical pedagogy

Atlantic programs have delivered unique learning experiences to over 500 high-impact leaders from across the world. Each program has developed its own curriculum and development paths, with some shared elements. The pedagogy underpinning each program is also unique; programs use taught modules and research along with experiential learning and project development in multiple ways. The Atlantic Institute has named its particular approach “Atlantology”, an approach that  is centered around values that have developed organically through contact and collaboration by leadership and staff. To refine the approach further, the Atlantic Institute is seeking a Leader in Residence to support our theoretical understandings and the methodological approaches used.

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Successful applicants will be expected to produce substantive strategic research as part of their contractual obligations.
All the posts advertised are non-residential but will include travel costs for up to two research visits.

Applications are open until 23:00 (BST) Friday, May 7, 2021.

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