New Program and Impact Lead appointed by the Atlantic Institute

Patronella Nqaba has joined the Atlantic Institute team as a new Program and Impact Lead. Patronella will be a part of the team seeking to develop the Atlantic community and broaden its global impact. In particular, Patronella will strengthen the links with Global Atlantic Fellows who live in Africa or have links with the continent. 

Previously, she was the Network Director for Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity and concurrently held a leadership position at the Nelson Mandela Foundation (Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity's anchor partner). At Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity, she led the program’s strategic outreach to identify and recruit applicants from diverse international networks and communities and led the program’s Senior Fellow community. She also contributed to network development and program planning. At the Nelson Mandela Foundation, she conducted analysis on governance and social activism and supported the Foundation’s anti-racism activities and efforts to build democracy.

Patronella has also worked as a researcher at the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI), in Johannesburg, where she worked as a consultant on the reform of the draft Public Procurement Bill. She also worked on the local state formation at the municipal level. she worked as a consultant on the reform of the draft Bill

She holds a master’s degree in politics and international studies, and an undergraduate degree in politics and international studies and economics from Rhodes University, South Africa. Her master’s research examined nongovernmental organizations and the depoliticization of development.  Her research is part of a wider interest in civil society’s interaction with the state and its impact on broader societal issues. She also has experience in communications and digital marketing.

In her spare time, Patronella can be found reading, listening to music, and enjoying quality time with friends and family.

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