Covid-19: in solidarity

The scale of the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact is hard to comprehend. We are compelled to face this together spiritually and mentally. Some have been dealing with the crisis for some time, others are just beginning to face the new reality. In this time of self isolation and reflection, you can listen to our podcast series for inspiration and learnings about combating inequities in their different forms.

For advice on how to stay positive, listen to Prof. Ian Robertson, neuroscientist and Co-Director of the Global Brain Health Institute at Trinity College Dublin, in the latest episode of our podcast series, Atlantic Fellows in Conversations.

You can listen to more than 40 Fellows in the series, discussing their wide-ranging work in their pursuit of equity around the world.

The Executive Directors of the seven global equity-focussed Atlantic Fellows programs with Evie O’Brien, the interim ED of the Atlantic Institute, and Chris Oechsli, CEO of Atlantic Philanthropies (Donor), have authored a message of solidarity, hope and practical advice to the Atlantic Fellows community:  

“Social connection is the beating heart of the Atlantic community. The concept of social distancing runs counter to who we are and what we stand for, while it may also be one of the most profound acts of collectivism that we can take to protect those we love. In this context, we believe that it is essential to amplify our virtual community as an act of solidarity and support.

“Executive Directors from our programs connected via the Zoom platform to share from each corner of our world the impact that coronavirus has on us personally and on the collective work we are engaged in. We found incredible support, solidarity, inspiration and hope. It is something we are trying to extend across this community of more than 450 Fellows and 100 Staff living and working in nearly every part of the world. In doing so, we recognise that many of our Fellows have been struggling with the impact of COVID-19 for some months now. We welcome their shared experience, advice and strength.”

Practical tools of support are now being offered to Fellows in need and the Programs, Institute and Atlantic Philanthropies stand ready to adapt that support as needed to the changing environment.

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