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Wanna make the world better? The ideas in this library can help.

The Narrative Initiative is a training and networking resource for leaders and organizations dedicated to building fairer, more inclusive societies.

We connect narrative experts, advocacy campaigns, and social change leaders across the globe. Working at the intersection of social science and cognitive linguistics, civic and pop culture engagement, strategic communications, technology and art, we build capacity to use culture, language and stories to shift policy and politics, shape media and public conversation, and broaden perspectives and possibilities.

Talk about changing “narratives” seems to be everywhere these days. And there are as many definitions of what narratives are as there are methods of changing them. Media advocates encourage accountability and consumer pressure. Cognitive linguists promote rigorous research and disciplined promotion of new mental frames. Creatives and cultural workers generate new storylines and proliferate marginalized voices. These existing fields of practice are developing their own standards and norms, to varying degrees, which is a positive development. But they aren’t sufficiently connected across one another to align strategy and build power.

In an effort to elevate and amplify good works, smart thinking, new ideas, best practices, and the inspiring individuals and organizations heavily embedded in this movement, we offer the following reading list as a resource hub to help increase awareness of what’s already out there and spark much more engagement on these complex issues.


Photo by Eli Francis on Unsplash