The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity seek to address the major global challenge of entrenched and growing inequality.

Inequality is not inevitable and a better, equitable world is possible. Equity can be achieved through bold, imaginative responses to unfair structures and systems, forged through collective action and aligned to values of fairness, care, and dignity.

The program is designed to critically engage fellows with global theories, practices, and contexts of social and economic inequality that will support them as social change leaders.

Atlantic Fellows are part of the next generation of practitioners and thinkers addressing the global challenge of inequalities.


Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity. Photo: K.M. Shook

Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity. Photo: K.M. Shook

All fellowships are fully funded, tailored to meet the time or financial needs of experienced professionals. 

  • Up to 18 fellows annually, 9 per track

  • 12-month non-residential program consisting of 5 weeks of courses and field visits, including a one-week course in Cape Town

  • 12-month residential MSc program at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) as well as participating in the 5-week program above

  • Network Innovation Teams of 3 to 4 global researchers conducting intensive research and developing practical responses

  • Continued community, collaboration, and access to resources to support fellows and their work

Program staff based at the London School of Economics’ International Inequalities Institute.

The diffusion of knowledge and education have always been key forces pushing towards the reduction in inequality; the Atlantic Fellows program offers a bold and exciting paradigm through which future changemakers can be equipped with the necessary insights and tools to chart a new way forward.

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Banner photo: Johnny Miller, Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity