The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in Southeast Asia seek to promote and improve health equity throughout the region, particularly among the most vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Fellows are the next generation of transformative leaders from 10 ASEAN countries and China who will work to reform health policy and systems, tackle social determinants, and address health inequities within and beyond national boundaries.

Fellows will form the core of a multi-sectoral community—a thriving network of health equity practitioners who are committed to pursuing social justice in health.


Fellows on Komodo island in Indonesia. Photo: The Equity Initiative

Fellows on Komodo island in Indonesia. Photo: The Equity Initiative

The fellowship program is designed to bring together a diverse group of professionals who have demonstrated commitment, dedication and enthusiasm for leading change for health equity.

  • Up to 25 fellows on a non-residential program with induction year activities totaling 6 weeks and a life-long community-building component

  • 6 in-person events, including 4 events in Southeast Asia, 1 event at Harvard University, and a global field experience

  • Continued community, collaboration and access to resources to support Fellows and their work

Program staff based at The Equity Initiative—a program of the China Medical Board—with offices in Boston, Bangkok, and Beijing.

Equity is not a single final destination but a process of collectively moving toward greater fairness. This fellowship program aims to nurture a generation of young leaders and steadily build a sustained community of change agents for health equity.


Banner photo: The Equity Initiative