The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in South Africa seek to inspire and sustain the changes South Africa needs to bridge the enormous gulf between rich and poor and build a healthier nation.

The program is guided by a vision that, to achieve a South Africa in which all people enjoy better health and wellbeing, the country needs bold leaders to tackle the severe social and economic inequities that determine the health of individuals, communities, and populations. The fellowship aims to build critical thinkers and leaders in sectors that impact health equity.

Fellows mobilize to address the root causes of inequity to secure lasting improvements in health outcomes for all.


Photo: Tekano

Photo: Tekano

The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in South Africa, based at Tekano, selects up to 25 fellows per year to participate in a program of learning and experience that will enhance their ability to inspire and secure progressive social change.

  • 25 fellows annually

  • 12-month non-residential program with 4-6 in-person modules of 5-8 days each, requiring some work between modules

  • Modules in different locations throughout South Africa highlighting key issues related to health equity and structural and social determinants of health

  • Fellows complete an advocacy project with support from mentors and coaches

  • Continued community, collaboration and access to resources to support Fellows and their work

Program staff based at Tekano in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.


South Africa is hungry for leaders who can heal divisions and help build a healthy, stable country. The Atlantic Fellows at Tekano will enable local activists to enhance their leadership abilities and forge links with other leaders.



In partnership with

Tekano works with a range of organizations from non-governmental organizations, universities, and corporate institutions that are represented on its governance structures and shape its program delivery.


Banner photo: Johnny Miller, Atlantic Fellow for Social and Economic Equity