How do I become an Atlantic Fellow?

Visit each partner organization's website to review fellowship application guidelines: 

The Equity Initiative

Global Brain Health Institute

Health Equity in South Africa Program at Tekano

International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics

Racial Equity Program at Columbia University in the City of New York

Social Equity Program at the University of Melbourne

The Atlantic Philanthropies do not administer fellowships. Please check with each of the organizations listed above for fellowship details.   


Where can I find out more about Atlantic Fellows?

The Atlantic Fellows programs are just getting started. Sign up to get updates.  

What are The Atlantic Philanthropies?

The Atlantic Philanthropies were founded by entrepreneur Chuck Feeney, who decided in 1982 to devote his wealth to the service of humanity. A champion of Giving While Living, Feeney has long maintained that people of wealth should use it to better the world during their lifetimes. That belief, which has been a driving influence in our work, led The Atlantic Philanthropies' trustees to decide in 2002 to limit the foundation’s life.

By the time The Atlantic Philanthropies close their doors in 2020, they will have invested nearly $8 billion in promising people and programs, in places where the foundation saw the chance to create opportunity and promote greater fairness and equity for all.


Why did The Atlantic Philanthropies start the Atlantic Fellows program? 

The Atlantic Philanthropies believe that one of the best ways to advance fairer, healthier and more inclusive societies is to support emerging leaders with the courage, conviction and capacity to produce systemic change for those who face unfair disadvantages and vulnerabilities.

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