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The Atlantic Fellows


The Atlantic Fellows program is empowering a new generation to advance fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies.

Atlantic Fellows are dynamic emerging leaders – activists, artists, journalists, health professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, teachers, lawyers and others – with innovative ideas and the courage, conviction and capacity to bring lasting improvements to their communities and the world.   

Fellows work together across disciplines and borders to tackle some of today’s most pressing issues: systemic inequality and racial equity; barriers to full participation in democracy; and major health challenges such as dementia and a lack of access to care. 

The Atlantic Fellows are funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies as one of their final and biggest bets on the issues and in places that have been central to the foundation's work.  


Advancing fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies


Atlantic Fellows Programs

These organizations host Atlantic Fellows. 

The Atlantic Institute

The Atlantic Institute will support the global network of Atlantic Fellows throughout their careers with opportunities to connect, exchange ideas and further develop their skills as leaders and changemakers. The Atlantic Institute will also organize global convenings and offer annual innovation prizes for Atlantic Fellows and alumni to develop and implement creative and effective ideas. 

Created by The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Atlantic Institute will be based at Rhodes House at Oxford University.  

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